Our studio is your studio.

Advice you can trust comes from an independent expert who will provide answers and ideas based on industry knowledge and proven experience. MacArt has been providing that support to dozens of family fun marketers, since 2002. We call it BrandCare® .


BrandCare® accounts benefit from our lowest hourly production rates & direct-line mobile phone/text support, 7 days a week, during your business hours.


MacArt Studios will collaborate with your on-site marketing/service team to support brand and sales efforts in a seamless & effective manner.  We often serve as the point hub for all online marketing components, as they relate to ticket sales, booking forms, customer database functions and other indispensable marketing functions that may not be possible within your current staff supports. For more than 15 years, our key accounts have been entrusting us with most aspects of their communications and brand management.


Each BrandCare® relationship is unique and based on your annual strategic requirements. Active BrandCare® support requires a minimum annual investment of $10,000 in marketing services.


Is BrandCare® right for you?  Let us know how we can support your marketing needs. info@macartstudios.com